The graduation project of Maartje Heere, Sero is an alternate reality game revolving around a solid and elaborate storyline with a strong focus on the player experience and character development.

The main focus of the game was to incorporate multiple experience levels and personal preferences of players into one game, making even the least experienced players follow a story as if reading an online book, as well as creating interesting and complicated puzzles for the most experienced players of the genre. The game however demands that all the player levels interact, each having their own specific role and importance. Because of this the players have to work together, learn and listen if they wish to continue the game and the story.
Beside this an important factor implemented in the game is the use of online personalities and characters, resulting in various moments inside the game where the player has to pose as someone else in order to advance in the game.

Lowering the threshold compared to other alternate reality games the Sero game keeps each player level interested and able to evolve through gradual development in story and game systems, as well as keeping an emphasis on characters and story inside the game.

The final product is a design document in the shape of a book describing the entire game, its inner workings and gaming systems, as well as the player types and their analysations and experiences based on research and conducted tests. Besides this the book also holds designs to each website, puzzle and situation fitting to each character and scene in the game.

It is intended and currently used as an inspiration and partial guideline to alternate reality games working with these principles.


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